Breastfeeding Support

"breastfeeding your baby might not be as easy, or as instinctual, as you might think.  Sometimes a little help along the way may be required."

Prenatal Support

Expecting your first baby?  Have you had  breast-reduction surgery and wish to get support beforehand?  Or maybe you had a tough go at it last time and want to start fresh?

With our prenatal breastfeeding support, you will receive:

~  an initial 2 hour prenatal consultation with Lindsay.  We will work together to get a game plan in place for success  

~  a follow up visit within 24 hours of birth to ensure everything is off to a great start

~  a follow up within 1 week of birth 

~  unlimited phone and email support


One-on-One Support

Breastfeeding can be tricky!  Sometimes it is not as instinctual as we would like it to be, sometimes we get off to a rough start.  No matter what your story, we can help.

We offer one-on-one hands-on (more off) help you meet your breastfeeding goals.  Most appointments can be same day, in your home.  Call us anytime for an appointment.

Appointment lengths are...well, as long as they take.  We strive for 1 1/2 hours, but sometimes Mommy and Baby need a little extra attention.