Labour Support

"We coach you on comfort measures, provide that physical, emotional and educational support as needed; we take the pressure off your need to 'perform'."

Three Different Services |

Slumber Support:

Sometimes new parents need a little help from someone more experienced in postpartum issues.  Sleep (or more importantly, lack of sleep) seems to be a common one! Who came up with that phrase 'sleep like a baby' anyways?

Labour Support:

How is a Doula different from a Midwife? A Doula does not perform any medical tasks as we are not Primary Care Givers.  We allow the medically trained people in your Birth Team to do what they are trained for.

We are there from when YOU need us. We don't wait until â€˜active labour’ begins or observe any other timeline other than yours.  We are there for you, employed by you, to serve you, in your labour.  Even if you choose to have an epidural or c-section, a Doula can always help.

Post Partum Support:

With families living further apart and the demands of Motherhood adding up, you can start to feel like the ground is falling away.  Sometimes calling in help for a few days, or nights, can help you get back on your feet.  We offer flexible packages to suit your family's needs.