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London Multiple Birth Association

Posted on December 1, 2011 at 3:05 PM Comments comments (28)

The London Multiple Birth Association or LMBA is an amazing volunteer organization that provides support to families of multiples in London and surrounding area. This group truly saved Erika’s sanity when her twins were born; her twins arrived first with family living seven hours away. She needed support and who better to support her than those who had been there themselves.

Erika joined the LMBA while pregnant and the support began right away with a phone call from a fellow twin mom to see if she had any worries or questions. That was comforting because of course she had questions and it was easy to open up over the phone. She continued to get phone calls as the yearly LMBA events neared. They throw a Halloween party, a Christmas party, a sugarbush trip, a summer picnic and many social events – some for parents and some for families. These events are so interesting. It is neat to see a whole room full of multiples and their siblings all playing together. A plus at the Christmas party is that there is a Santa and a Mrs. Claus and we are able to take photos of them with their children without the cost.

Another perk to mention is the bi-annual Used Clothing and Equipment Sale that the club runs. Held at the Western Fair, they fill up a warehouse full of toys, shoes, clothing and equipment and sell it all at great prices to other members as well as the public. It is impeccably organized by the sale committee (all volunteer based). It is a great place to find strollers, wagons, outdoor play equipment and clothing – including snowsuits, costumes and footwear. Members are able to sell as well as their friends and they are also able to shop early to better benefit from the deals. We highly recommend these sales!

One of the best parts of the club though is their Facebook site. There is SO much information and support at members fingertips. If you are having a problem, all you have to do is post a question and immediately there are MoM’s (Mother’s of Multiples) there answering you and making you feel better as they too have experienced whatever it is that you are struggling with. From teething to sleeping, from poop fights to school info it is all there. You can also set up playdates on Facebook and meet other families with multiples the same age as your own. When Erika was on maternity leave she got together with four other MoMs every Friday morning. They all had twins and they were all our first children. Although we have different professions and are of different ages we have become very close friends and have just celebrated the third birthday of our babies together. It is a friendship that will never be shaken and we try to have monthly family playdates as well as a monthly MoMs dinners out now that our maternity leaves have ended.

If you are looking for more information please check their our website at or feel free to email them at [email protected]