Delayed Cord Clamping As Explained by Penny Simpkin

Posted on December 1, 2011 at 3:30 PM

Check out this video on YouTube and decide for yourself. I wonder why would you not wait?

According to Penny Simkin, studies done by Hutton ( prove that the bilirubin levels in babies who have received the additional one third of their blood volume from the placenta -through delayed cord clamping- have not been high enough to cause clinical jaundice. Why would you keep this part of the baby’s blood from him/her? This blood is oxygenated when it reaches the baby. Essentially, when you cut the cord immediately after birth and do not allow the placenta to give this blood back to baby you are preventing one third of your child’s blood from reaching him/her. Who would like for one third of their own blood to be removed? Would we ever deprive our newborns of oxygen? When you clamp and cut the cord just minutes after birth, this is what happens. One third of the oxygenated blood does not reach your babe, so his/her oxygen levels could be deficient by one third at birth as well. Your baby could be breathing much harder than a baby with all of its oxygen in order to catch up, right?

This truly puts into perspective the gravity of my own decisions. I recall that my full term, uncomplicated twins (surgically born with immediate cord clamping) both needed some help breathing randomly within the first 48hrs and my youngest son (born vaginally with delayed cord clamping) was discharged 8 hours after being born with no trouble breathing at all. It makes me think that there maybe something to this.

I also consider the thousands of dollars spent by parents to preserve this same cord blood through cord banking. They cord bank so that if your child or relative requires stem cells as part of a treatment process, they will be there. Kind of like an insurance policy. I would prefer to give my child(ren) the best start by giving them the gift of cord blood and all of its benefits, instead of holding it in trust. Why would you not want as much of this ‘gold’ to be collected by your babe….and give him/her the best chance that you can.

For great information on the benefits of delayed cord clamping check out or google “benefits of delayed cord clamping”. This is a practice that can be brought to the attention of all health care providers (midwife or OB) and is available by maternal request. Please talk to your caregiver about this before you go into labour to get more details and their take on this practice.

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