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Thank you....for the ability to continue to learn.

Posted on November 15, 2011 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (56)

I started a list of all the things that I have to be Thankful for hoping that one would just leap out at me as my biggest ‘Thank you’ to start us off. It turns out that I have a lot to be thankful for. Some are small things like a great cup of coffee this morning or the guy that brought my grocery cart back while I was getting 3 kids and groceries into my car. Others are quite large, like my incredibly supportive husband who is getting used to the talk of placentas, mucus plugs, and breasts at the dinner table, or my children who have taught me so much and continue to challenge and teach me every day. This one allowed me to narrow in on what I am most thankful for: the ability to learn.

Some of you know that I went to school to be a Chemical Engineer. Why? For the challenge of seeing what I can learn. Engineering changes the way you look at things, no longer is a toaster just something that makes your breakfast, you start to think the second to plug it into the wall and consider the amazing brain power it took to get the electricity to your house. Where did it come from? Solar, wind, coal? To the chemical reaction it took to take a pale, gummy bagel into a magical Cream Cheese Delivery Device. It that not what that hole it there for, to fill with cheese? When I was done with that, I wanted to still know more, and the Inner Environmentalist came out, so off to College I went for Environmental Technology. In College I got the biggest learning opportunity; we got pregnant! How our live was going to change. It was all learning, learning about pregnancy and birth while taking Analytical Chemistry and identifying algae. It was challenging, but I am always up for learning.

We did everything that ‘They’ said to do while pregnant. Read the ‘Right’ books, took the ‘Right’ classes; everything that ‘They’ said to do. The exception was that we choose to have a Midwife and have a homebirth. We thought that we could do all this while still listening to ‘They’ and what ‘They’ had to teach us. Our daughter’s birth was a huge learning experience; we learned that ‘They’ did not have all the answers. We no longer fit into what ‘They’ wanted. Were we so counter-culture that wanting to have a baby naturally was frowned upon? We wanted to listen to our baby and do what they needed, no what the clock said she wanted. We sought new teachers to learn from.

I learned what a Doula is and sunk myself into learning all that I can by reading all the pregnancy books that are stuffed to the back of the shelves in Chapters, even some that are only available online. I became a new sponge for information. I learned that Technology and Science does not have all the answers (talk about a total 180, my prior life depended on technology). To this day Medical Science still does not know what happens the second that a woman starts to go into labour, it is certainly not a date on a calendar! I learned so much from working with my clients, especially those early Moms! Even to this day, when I think that I have it mostly figured out, something happens and unravels a part of Birth Philosophy. I am still learning.

What have I learned in all this ‘Learning’? No one has all the answers all the time; they are on their own learning journey. What will we learn tomorrow?